Wednesday, March 13, 2013


For two weeks, I have been monitoring the Wikipedia paged called Bring your own device from my username CarolynnWells. I personally did not like this wiki project process because of the fact that there are too many codes that pop up in the edit page in Wiki. I made a one paragraph post on the bring your own device page and someone deleted it within two hours. I went ahead and re-added the exact same paragraph right after it got deleted and once again, someone deleted it. At that point I was completely frustrated because I had no idea as to why someone kept deleting my input on the page. No one one the page discussed my contributions because it was not up on the page long enough for others to see. I will not continue to check this page I updated in the future because I personally do not like Wikipedia. As a future teacher, I will not be using Wikipedia in the classroom because of the fact that ANYONE can change the page. If there was some way to stop this "free changing ability" then I would reconsider my decision. 

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